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Here is a list of words that have been suggested for inclusion or reported as invalid.
Reported Word Is in game dictionary? Date reported Action Taken
mothiness No Today at 02:09 am -
greeny Yes Friday at 04:51 pm -
romanian Yes Friday at 04:59 am -
dissers No Thursday at 11:24 pm -
doolie No Thursday at 06:43 pm -
feelies No Thursday at 02:03 pm -
steves No Thursday at 01:43 pm -
acts Yes Thursday at 10:26 am -
tanner Yes Thursday at 10:03 am -
saltlake No Wednesday at 02:02 pm -

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  Policy for inclusion/exclusion of dictionary words

There may be words in our dictionary which do not conform to the standard rules of Boggle. If you find a word which shouldn't be included but is in our dictionary, you are welcome to report it. If we deem the word shouldn't be included, it will be removed at our discretion. Obvious non-words (such as abbreviations) will be removed no questions asked.

If you suggest a word that should be included, you should make sure it is a legal ordinary English dictionary word. Remember that proper nouns, abbreviations and acronyms are not permitted. We will check all word suggestions before incuding them.

We accpet Australian/British and American spellings.