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Name: Gudd Speler
First Seen: Sun, 21 Jun 2009 05:31 am
Last Seen: Thu, 10 Nov 2011 01:06 am
Type: Registered player
Games Played: 0 (Past four weeks)
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On Sun, 25 Mar 2012 06:30 am, LeslieJolle:
I want to thank Gudd and his family for sharing him with all of us on web boggle. Love and prayers continue for all of you. Blessings, Leslie Jolley

On Fri, 03 Jun 2011 06:37 am, LeslieJolle:
this is better Gudd..able to think more clearly and I was aware of others wanting to chat. He could deterioate rapidly if the type of MS has changed - so little is known about it. I'm sure he keeps as active as possible, but with his wife ill with cancer, they are pulling a double load. I suspect he has set up a family trust and a power of attorney...all the necessary legal things to do. You are probably a great source of strength to him. He needs to keep his sense of humor strong - humor gets me through many situations. One time, I attempted to ask our grocery cleck how he was managing the holiday crowd at Christmas? I heard myself saying "How's it hanging Henry?" My husband laughed until he cried..I like to think I present myself well...and while I tryed to shrink literally, I heard Henry say gravely that "things were going well, thank you." Ah, the grace of some we meet is a blessing. You can always message me...or my email is hfjlsj@comcast.net We have an interesting topic - that is urgent. May blessings abide with your friends and you and your family. Leslie

On Sun, 05 Jun 2011 12:25 pm, Gudd Speler:
Thank you so much, Leslie. But in a way, you are making me feel bad. I promised myself that I would call them this weekend, and that weekend is half over already. It's too late tonight to call, so I *must* do it tomorrow.

I am usually the guy who does tons of Internet research for friends in trouble. But in this case, since he is a neurologist, I have been far more circumspect. He knows more than I could ever find out, of course.

One thing that interests me is the highly controversial theory (by an Italian doctor) that MS is really a vascular disease rather than a neurological disease, which he treats with surgery. I know that most doctors (including my friend) think this theory is laughable. But I read the Toronto Globe and Mail online frequently, and the theory has a lot of proponents in Canada. Because of the nationalized health care there, the government gets to decide what procedures will be paid for, and they won't pay for this one. However, many Canadians have been going to other countries for the procedure (including the US), and some of them report excellent improvement. As a result, some of the individual Canadian provinces are supporting research on the procedure. Many Canadian MS patients have been clamoring to be included.

On Sat, 12 Mar 2011 01:24 pm, Sally H.:
Gudd, my email is henderson@wi.rr.com If you email me, then I can send you links to geological stuff. I'm a registered player, however, I do not see where I have a message and comments site like this. So you can just email me then. Thanks. Sally H.

On Sat, 12 Mar 2011 01:19 pm, Sally H.:
Hi Gudd, just checking if you receive this. Sally H.

On Mon, 04 Oct 2010 11:05 pm, Westygirlle:
Am off on holidays - just for a few days. Take care and have fun while I'm gone!