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  About webPHPboggle

WEBoggle is based on the classic original Boggle game. Weboggle is free for all to play. Why not invite your friends and have a competition? The game has an exclusive in-built live chat system so you can talk with other Boggle players. Read more...

Unlike others, this game does not require registration. Just enter your name (or nickname) and start playing right away!

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  Welcome to WEBoggle, with social networking, facebook alternative

Welcome to Online Web Boggle, the free online word game!

Play Boggle and see how many words you can find in three minutes.
Also compete against other bogglers in a live game of word skill!


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What players are saying:

10 minutes ago - Sunflower1: your weather any better hearts?
10 minutes ago - hearts: n1 dotted
10 minutes ago - hearts: bye Sun tc
9 minutes ago - georgene: hi and bye bogglers,,,enjoy the chats and games
9 minutes ago - hearts: sorry Sun : ) the snow has stopped but its still quite thick and frosty
9 minutes ago - Sunflower1: gg Dotted
8 minutes ago - Sunflower1: same as here then hearts
8 minutes ago - hearts: bye georgene
8 minutes ago - hearts: tc
8 minutes ago - Sunflower1: its been tough getting to and from work but have managed leaving car at home and taking buses and walking
8 minutes ago - Sunflower1: bye georgene
8 minutes ago - hearts: hows the weather where you are Sunflower??
6 minutes ago - Sunflower1: yes same as you hearts
6 minutes ago - Sunflower1: been taking some crackign photos - normally I take photos of plants and flowers in summer and spring
5 minutes ago - Sunflower1: but some lovely winter shots this year
5 minutes ago - Sunflower1: my palm tree at my greenhouse is suffering badly
5 minutes ago - Sunflower1: gg Dotted
2 minutes ago - hearts: n1 zero
1 minute ago - hearts: every cloud...Sunflower : )
3 seconds ago - Sunflower1: lol hearts

Last Game #1464118

# Name Score Words
1 maryjo 50 47
2 fisp 47 44
3 tessa 33 33
4 nana 33 33
5 IMPEACHarrest 25 24
6 grrrnoodle 20 8

Words found by players:
sun aryan sura rune run ane any ley ruin lea urn bit bis sib aune bine sob sine sour vis sis len lean yelp our obis ours obi nay sou lev nye bio sous yen sours plea nit sin tin tine bourn tiny bin ney nibs nib suit vine aye yea yae visa viny tis bios sit plena sauna levis lenis ani anis ean rye sur envious sousa vina bourne tinea

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