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  About webPHPboggle

WEBoggle is based on the classic original Boggle game. Weboggle is free for all to play. Why not invite your friends and have a competition? The game has an exclusive in-built live chat system so you can talk with other Boggle players. Read more...

Unlike others, this game does not require registration. Just enter your name (or nickname) and start playing right away!

You might want to this game.

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  Welcome to WEBoggle, with social networking, facebook alternative

Welcome to Online Web Boggle, the free online word game!

Play Boggle and see how many words you can find in three minutes.
Also compete against other bogglers in a live game of word skill!


To join the game as a guest, enter your name.
No registration required! Just join and play!

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  Current Boggle Game & Chat Activity

What players are saying:

Today at 05:28 am - Brown Bear: dogfish nf
Today at 05:28 am - Brown Bear: thx john
Today at 05:31 am - Brown Bear: bye for now
Today at 05:31 am - john: wd lynb
Today at 05:35 am - DoSomeWorkInstead: hi again
Today at 05:35 am - prussian wordsmith: Fart Boy ... U are killing it!
Today at 05:35 am - john: tks bogglers
54 minutes ago - tombarb: otal devastation do-wd
51 minutes ago - tombarb: repower not a word?
47 minutes ago - tombarb: cmon i know i won that one-grrrr had 8 words including manfully ggg
45 minutes ago - DoSomeWorkInstead: i got manfully too, so there
45 minutes ago - DoSomeWorkInstead: not to make you feel less manful or anything
45 minutes ago - DoSomeWorkInstead: bbl
44 minutes ago - tombarb: lol do
25 minutes ago - Snowy: hi all - back for a few games
17 minutes ago - Snowy: rezoned - nf
9 minutes ago - Snowy: brb
3 minutes ago - Snowy: hi Fiona
3 minutes ago - Fiona: hi snowy, prairie, lyla and all
2 minutes ago - Fiona: vn prairie

Last Game #1727772

# Name Score Words
1 Cabezaloca 103 69
2 BorisMajGov 97 80
3 Kodos 92 72
4 IMPEACH 85 70
5 maggie2 60 59
6 siassis 58 50
7 hello 39 29
8 tone 28 27

Words found by players:
puree pee bee due pureed reed lee red peed rue eel rede prude rep deer dee bod deep ped dure foe wed dew owe rule lure dupe lured duper owed ruled pure weep pree wee per rude rupee rued led bleed bled del dour duo our oud leu four pue doe purl bode bow bowed que dur beer ere weed pere woe redo weer weeder ewe reb ref dep blue bluer dere ule doer bleeder bed deb fee pul feel dele reel duel quo bel quod fere ode fer bere fed blued leer fob obe blur few bleu lur def defer lede elbow lude elbowed rebel foul rud fou fouled dou fouler fel elude eluder bedew leered pule boule prelude befoul ferule purled

Last Game Board:
E B F Qu