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  About webPHPboggle

WEBoggle is based on the classic original Boggle game. Weboggle is free for all to play. Why not invite your friends and have a competition? The game has an exclusive in-built live chat system so you can talk with other Boggle players. Read more...

Unlike others, this game does not require registration. Just enter your name (or nickname) and start playing right away!

You might want to this game.

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  Welcome to WEBoggle, with social networking, facebook alternative

Welcome to Online Web Boggle, the free online word game!

Play Boggle and see how many words you can find in three minutes.
Also compete against other bogglers in a live game of word skill!


To join the game as a guest, enter your name.
No registration required! Just join and play!

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  Current Boggle Game & Chat Activity

What players are saying:

26 minutes ago - scarlett: nite moni
26 minutes ago - basset hound: bye moni :)
23 minutes ago - lurlene: cu moni
23 minutes ago - scarlett: missed the ing
22 minutes ago - Matilda: gg lurlene
19 minutes ago - lurlene: ty matilda
19 minutes ago - scarlett: just a few more
16 minutes ago - Rayna: one more for me also
15 minutes ago - tumbleweed: one more for me . . . getting late.
15 minutes ago - Rayna: unless my eyes close completely before then :D
15 minutes ago - tumbleweed: have a good night, scarlett and rayna
15 minutes ago - Rayna: Remember when we could stay up past bedtime on a Saturday night????? :D
15 minutes ago - Rayna: You as well, Tumbleweed! Pleasant dreams to all. Last one here now.
12 minutes ago - tumbleweed: nite everyone! :D
12 minutes ago - lurlene: bye rayna scarlet
11 minutes ago - Rayna: Well, that was fun. :D Goodnight/good day to you all. :) Have fun!
11 minutes ago - basset hound: bye tumble and rayna
11 minutes ago - scarlett: nite tumble, rayna one extra one for me
11 minutes ago - basset hound: nite time for me too sleep well all :)
8 minutes ago - scarlett: that's all for me nite everyone :)

Last Game #1115353

# Name Score Words
1 ging 45 40
2 Andy 44 33
3 tsk 44 41
4 pig 43 35
5 kdogg 40 37
6 storm 36 29
7 mukti 34 24
8 playa 31 25
9 30 27
10 lagrlntx 21 20

Words found by players:
tangs bings boing bis gnat tags sib sith its tain snib yob nobs yobs boings bio bitt ain ains bitts yoni vags bint bona snag ons snob aga again against ins bish obis ion ions ani

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