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  About webPHPboggle

WEBoggle is based on the classic original Boggle game. Weboggle is free for all to play. Why not invite your friends and have a competition? The game has an exclusive in-built live chat system so you can talk with other Boggle players. Read more...

Unlike others, this game does not require registration. Just enter your name (or nickname) and start playing right away!

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  Welcome to WEBoggle, with social networking, facebook alternative

Welcome to Online Web Boggle, the free online word game!

Play Boggle and see how many words you can find in three minutes.
Also compete against other bogglers in a live game of word skill!


To join the game as a guest, enter your name.
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What players are saying:

Today at 06:32 pm - RachelFromAlaska: FAirbanks, Ken, just below the Arctic Circle
Today at 06:34 pm - Bernie Sanders: hi everyone. I'm bernie sanders
Today at 06:35 pm - Lindymoore: wd mayb
Today at 06:35 pm - RachelFromAlaska: haha, hi Bernie
Today at 06:35 pm - robin: i wish i could type as fast as mayb
Today at 06:35 pm - Ken B: gg robin
Today at 06:36 pm - RachelFromAlaska: gotta go, late, good night all ; )
Today at 06:36 pm - Ken B: Oh yeah. I remember now. My sister's family lives in Homer, but they're in Soldotna sometimes
Today at 06:39 pm - Ken B: night rachel
Today at 06:39 pm - RachelFromAlaska: don't like it down there cuz of the live volcanoes, give me the creeps
Today at 06:40 pm - robin: thanks ken
Today at 06:40 pm - RachelFromAlaska: sort of like the GoodFriday earthquake in '64, yowzer
Today at 06:40 pm - Lindymoore: gn rachel
Today at 06:40 pm - RachelFromAlaska: bye all
Today at 06:40 pm - robin: sweet dreams rachel. lots of darkness there this time of the year
Today at 06:43 pm - Bernie Sanders: im bernie and i should have been president!!
Today at 06:47 pm - robin: yeah, and i'm hilary
Today at 06:50 pm - Bernie Sanders: WRONG
Today at 06:50 pm - robin: nf abalones
24 minutes ago - SillyWords: wd robin

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# Name Score Words
1 albertoski 39 39
2 ida 35 33
3 mattimatt 27 27
4 Ruska 20 20

Words found by players:
den bot boot tee boo nee been een too bee bed beg deb toe ben bet bend bete end oboe need neg net teed teen ted ten tend get gee nett teg met mete ged fete fet gen fem beet debt neb eft gene dene meted obe feted toed dee bede edge

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