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  Dictionary Definition of zero

noun, plural, zeros, zeroes, verb, zeroed, zeroing.

-- noun
1. the figure or symbol 0, which stands for the absence of quantity in the Arabic notation for numbers; a cipher.
2. the origin of any kind of measurement; line or point from which all divisions of a scale (as a thermometer) are measured in either a positive or a negative direction.
3. naught or nothing.
4. the lowest point or degree.
5. Grammar a hypothetical affix or other alteration of an underlying form to derive a complex word, not present in the phonemic shape of the word but functioning in the same way as other affixes or alterations in the language, for example, the plural of deer is formed by adding a zero ending (that is, by adding nothing).
6. Ordnance a sight setting for both elevation and windage for any given range.
-- verb (t)
7. Chiefly US. to adjust (any instrument or apparatus) to a zero point or to an arbitrary reading from which all other readings are to be measured.
-- phrase
8. zero in, to adjust the sight settings of (a rifle) by calibrated firing on a standard range with no wind blowing.
9. zero in on, a. to focus attention on. b. to arrive at by a process of elimination: they zeroed in on the conservatory as the site of the murder.
[It., from Ar. sifr CIPHER ]