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  Dictionary Definition of vest

1. a short, warm undergarment with or without sleeves, usually worn next to the skin under a shirt; singlet.
2. a waistcoat.
3. a similar garment, or a part or trimming simulating the front of such a garment, worn by women.
4. a sleeveless pullover.
5. a long garment resembling a cassock, worn by men in the times of Charles II.
6. Archaic. dress, apparel, or vesture.
7. Archaic. an outer garment, robe, or gown.
8. Rare. an ecclesiastical vestment.
-- verb (t)
9. to clothe, dress, or robe.
10. to dress in ecclesiastical vestments.
11. to cover or drape (an altar).
12. to invest or endow (a person, etc.) with something, especially with powers, functions, etc.
-- verb (i)
13. to put on vestments.
14. to become vested in a person or persons, as a right.
15. to pass into possession; to devolve upon a person as possessor.
-- phrase
16. vest something in someone, to place or settle (something, especially property, rights, powers, etc.) in the possession or control of (a person or persons): to vest an estate or a title in a person.
[ME, from OF vestir, from L vestire clothe; def. 8: It. veste, from L vestis garment]
-- vestless, adjective -- vestlike, adjective