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  Dictionary Definition of tons

ton [1]
1. a unit of mass in the imperial system equal to 2240 lb ( long ton ), or approx. 1016 kg, and, in the US, 2000 lb ( short ton ), or approx. 907 kg.
2. a unit of freight equal to 1000 kg or, formerly 40 cubic feet (freight ton).
3. a unit of displacement of ships in the imperial system equal to 35 cubic feet of salt water ( displacement ton or shipping ton ), or approx. 0.99 cubic metres.
4. a unit of internal capacity of ships in the imperial system, equal to 100 cubic feet, or approx. 2.83 cubic metres (gross ton).
5. tonne.
6. Colloquial a heavy weight: that book weighs a ton.
7. ( plural ) Colloquial very many; a good deal: tons of things to see.
[ME; var. of TUN ]