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  Dictionary Definition of toes

noun, verb, toed, toeing.

-- noun
1. (in humans) one of the terminal members or digits of the foot.
2. an analogous part in other animals.
3. the forepart of the foot or hoof of a horse or the like.
4. a part, as of a stocking or shoe, to cover the toes.
5. a part resembling a toe in shape or position.
6. the outer end of the hitting surface of a golf club or hockey stick.
7. Railways the end of a frog in front of the point and in the direction of travel.
8. Machinery a. a journal or part placed vertically in a bearing, as the lower end of a vertical shaft. b. an arm or projecting part on which a cam or the like strikes.
9. Colloquial strength; speed: do the fast bowlers have enough toe?
-- verb (t)
10. to furnish with a toe or toes.
11. to touch or reach with the toes.
12. to kick with the toe.
13. Golf to strike (the ball) with the toe of the club.
-- phrase
14. all done up like a sore toe, Colloquial overdressed.
15. dig one's toes in, a. to refuse to move or change. b. to maintain a decision, opinion, etc., despite all opposition.
16. hit the toe, Prison Colloquial to attempt to escape.
17. on one's toes, prepared to act; wide-awake.
18. stick out like a sore toe, Colloquial to be obvious.
19. toe in or toe out, to adjust (the wheels of a motor car) so that each pair is at the angle of convergence or divergence required.
20. toe the line, Colloquial to behave according to the rules; conform.
21. tread on someone's toes, to offend, especially by ignoring (another's) area of responsibility.
22. turn up one's toes, Colloquial to die.
[ME; OE ta, c. G Zeh ( e ), Icel. ta ]
-- toeless, adjective -- toelike, adjective