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  Dictionary Definition of teeth

1. plural of tooth.
2. the punitive sections of a legislation, ruling, etc., meant to ensure its enforcement: give a regulation teeth.
-- phrase
3. be fed to the back teeth with ; be fed to the teeth with ; be fed up to the back teeth with ; be fed up to the teeth with, Colloquial to be heartily sick of; have had more than enough of.
4. get one's teeth into, to start to cope effectively with (a problem, etc.).
5. grit one's teeth or set one's teeth, Colloquial to prepare to endure pain or emergency with fortitude.
6. have the bit in one's teeth or have the bit between one's teeth or take the bit in one's teeth or take the bit between one's teeth, to tackle a task, problem, etc., in a determined and energetic fashion.
7. in someone's teeth, a. in direct opposition or conflict. b. to someone's face; openly.
8. in the teeth of, a. so as to face or confront; straight against. b. in defiance of; in spite of. c. in the face or presence of.
9. scarce as hen's teeth or rare as hen's teeth, Colloquial very rare.
10. set someone's teeth on edge, to cause (someone) a disagreeable sensation or strong feelings of antipathy: the noise of chalk on blackboard sets my teeth on edge.
11. to the teeth, fully: armed to the teeth.