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  Dictionary Definition of tan

tan [1]
verb, tanned, tanning, noun, adjective

-- verb (t)
1. to convert (a hide) into a leather, especially by soaking or steeping in a bath prepared from bark, as wattle, etc., or synthetically.
2. to make brown by exposure to ultraviolet rays, as of the sun.
3. Colloquial to beat or thrash: to tan one's hide.
-- verb (i)
4. to become tanned.
-- noun
5. the brown colour imparted to the skin by exposure to the sun or open air; suntan.
6. yellowish or tawny brown.
7. the bark of the wattle, oak, etc., bruised and broken by a mill, and used for tanning hides.
-- adjective
8. of the colour of tan; tawny or yellowish brown.
9. used in or relating to tanning processes, materials, etc.
[ME tanne, late OE tannian, from ML tannare, from tannum, noun]
-- tannable, adjective