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  Dictionary Definition of talk

verb (i)
1. to speak or converse; perform the act of speaking.
2. to make known or interchange ideas, information, etc., by means of spoken words.
3. to consult or confer.
4. to gossip.
5. to chatter or prate.
6. to reveal information: to make a spy talk.
7. to communicate ideas by other means than speech, as by writing, signs, or signals.
8. (of computers) to communicate; to be compatible in terms of software so that information can be exchanged and processed.
9. to make sounds imitative or suggestive of human speech.
-- verb (t)
10. to express in words; utter: to talk sense.
11. to use as a spoken language; speak: he can talk three languages.
12. to discuss: to talk politics.
-- noun
13. the act of talking; speech; conversation, especially of a familiar or informal kind.
14. a lecture or informal speech.
15. a conference.
16. report or rumour; gossip.
17. a subject or occasion of talking, especially of gossip.
18. mere empty speech.
19. a way of talking: baby talk.
20. language, dialect, or lingo.
21. sound imitative or suggestive of human speech: the talk of monkeys.
-- phrase
22. talk back, (often followed by to or at ) to reply sharply, rudely: to argue with.
23. talk big, Colloquial to speak boastfully.
24. talk down, to make appear less important: The prime minister talked down the events in parliament.
25. talk someone down, a. to override in argument by speaking in a loud, persistent manner. b. Aeronautics to radio landing instructions to (a pilot) when landing is difficult.
26. talk down to, to speak condescendingly to.
27. talk into, to persuade (someone) to do something, especially against their original intention.
28. talk off the top of one's head, a. to speak without prior preparation. b. to speak nonsense.
29. talk out, a. to resolve (differences) by discussion: unions and management usually attempt to talk out their differences before resorting to industrial action. b. Parliamentary Procedure to thwart (the passage of a piece of legislation) by prolonging discussion until the adjournment.
30. talk out of, to persuade (someone) not to do something,