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  Dictionary Definition of star

noun, adjective, verb, starred, starring.

-- noun
1. any of the heavenly bodies appearing as apparently fixed luminous points in the sky at night.
2. Astronomy any of the self-luminous bodies outside the solar system, as distinguished from planets, comets, and meteors. The sun is classed with the stars and appears to be a typical member of the galaxy.
3. any heavenly body.
4. Astrology a. a heavenly body, especially a planet that is considered as influencing mankind and events. b. ( plural ) a horoscope, especially one in a magazine, etc.
5. one's destiny, fortune, or luck, especially as regarded as influenced by the heavenly bodies.
6. a conventional figure having rays (commonly five or six) proceeding from, or angular points disposed in a regular outline about, a central point, and considered as representing a star of the sky.
7. an emblem in this shape, worn as a badge of rank, an award, etc: a four-star general.
8. Jewellery a brilliant having six, not eight, triangular facets just below the table.
9. a white mark on the forehead of an animal, especially a horse; a blaze.
10. Printing, etc. an asterisk.
11. a person who is pre-eminent or distinguished in some art, profession, or other field.
12. a prominent actor, singer, or the like, especially one who plays the leading role in a performance.
13. a starfish.
-- adjective
14. brilliant, prominent, or distinguished; chief.
-- verb (t)
15. to set with, or as with, stars; spangle.
16. to present or feature (an actor, etc.) as a star.
17. to mark with a star or asterisk, as for special notice.
-- verb (i)
18. to shine as a star; be brilliant or prominent.
19. (of an actor, etc.) to appear as a star.
-- phrase
20. see stars, to seem to see bright flashes of light, as after a heavy blow on the head.
21. under the stars, exposed to the night sky: we slept under the stars.
[ME sterre, OE steorra, c. D ster, MHG sterre, akin to L stella, Greek aster ]