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  Dictionary Definition of stall

stall [1]
1. a compartment in a stable or shed, for the accommodation of one animal.
2. a stable or shed for horses or cattle.
3. a booth, bench, table, or stand on which merchandise is displayed or exposed for sale.
4. carrel.
5. one of a number of fixed enclosed seats in the choir or chancel of a church for the use of the clergy.
6. a chair-like seat in a theatre, separated from others by armrests.
7. ( plural ) the front part of the auditorium on the ground floor of a theatre.
8. a small compartment or chamber for any of various purposes.
9. a working area in a mine.
10. a sheath or cover for a finger or toe.
11. the fact or an instance of an engine or a vehicle stopping, as through inadequate fuel supply or overloading.
12. Aeronautics a condition of an aeroplane in which a reduction in the lift of the wings caused by their being at or above a critical angle or by too low an airspeed results in serious loss of height and control.
-- verb (t)
13. to put or keep in a stall or stalls, as animals.
14. to confine in a stall for fattening, as cattle.
15. to bring to a standstill; check the progress or motion of, especially of a vehicle or an engine by unintentionally overloading it or giving an inadequate fuel supply.
16. Aeronautics to fly (an aeroplane) in such a way as to cause a stall.
17. Surfing to slow down (the board), as while waiting for a wave to build up height.
18. to cause to stick fast, as in mire or snow.
-- verb (i)
19. to come to a standstill; be brought to a stop, especially unintentionally.
20. to stick fast, as in mire.
21. Aeronautics a. (of an aeroplane) to become stalled. b. (of an aviator) to stall an aeroplane.
22. to occupy a stall, as an animal.
[ME; OE steall, c. G Stall ]