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  Dictionary Definition of sheet

sheet [1]
1. a large rectangular piece of linen, cotton, or other material, used as an article of bedding, commonly one of a pair spread immediately above and below the sleeper.
2. a broad, thin mass, layer, or covering.
3. a broad, relatively thin, piece of iron, glass, etc.
4. an oblong or square piece of paper or parchment, especially one on which to write or print.
5. a newspaper.
6. Printing, Bookbinding a piece of paper printed and folded so as to form pages of the required size.
7. Philately the impression from a plate, etc., on a single piece of paper, before the individual stamps have been separated.
8. an extent, stretch, or expanse, as of lightning, water, etc.: sheets of flame.
9. Geology a more or less horizontal mass of rock, especially eruptive rock, intruded between strata or spread over a surface.
-- verb (t)
10. to furnish with sheets.
11. to wrap in a sheet.
12. to cover with a sheet or layer of something: sheeted with ice.
[ME shete, OE scete (Anglian), sciete, from sceat lap, c. G Schoss, Icel. skaut skirt]