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  Dictionary Definition of set

verb, set, setting, noun, adjective

-- verb (t)
1. to put in a particular place or position: to set a vase on a table.
2. to put into some condition or relation: to set a house on fire.
3. to apply: to set fire to a house.
4. to cause to begin: to set someone thinking.
5. to put (a price or value) upon something.
6. to fix the value of at a certain amount or rate.
7. to post, station, or appoint for the purpose of performing some duty: to set a watch over a camp.
8. to incite or urge to attack: to set the dogs on an intruder.
9. to fix, appoint, or ordain: to set a limit.
10. to place or prescribe in an estimation: to set an early date.
11. to present or fix for others to follow: to set an example.
12. to prescribe or assign, as a task.
13. to prescribe for study for examination: the examiners have set 'King Lear' this year.
14. to compile and prescribe (an examination, etc.).
15. to put in the proper position, order, or condition for use; adjust or arrange.
16. to cover with a cloth or cloths and arrange cutlery, crockery, etc., on; lay: to set the table.
17. to adjust according to a standard: to set a clock.
18. to fix or mount (a gem, etc.) in gold or the like; place in a frame or setting.
19. to adorn with, or as with, precious stones.
20. to fix at a given point or calibration: to set a micrometer.
21. to sharpen as by honing: to set a razor.
22. to bend out the points of alternate teeth of (a saw) in opposite directions.
23. to cause to sit; seat.
24. to put (a hen) on eggs to hatch them.
25. to place (eggs) under a hen or in an incubator.
26. to put into a fixed, rigid, or settled state, as the countenance, the muscles, or the mind.
27. to cause (something, as mortar) to become firm or hard.
28. US. to prove (dough).
29. to change into a curd.
30. to cause (hair, etc.) to assume a desired shape, style, or form, as by inserting clips, rollers, etc., when it is wet.
31. to cause to take a particular direction.
32. Surgery to put (a broken or dislocated bone) back in position.
33. (of a hunting dog) to indicate the position of (game) by standing stiffly and pointing with the muzzle.
34. to p
noun Egyptian Mythology. the god of evil, brother or son and deadly opponent of Osiris, and represented with a beast's head and snout; called by the Greeks Typhon. Also, Seth.
[Greek Seth, from Egyptian Setesh ]