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  Dictionary Definition of see

noun Sir John, 1844--1907, Australian state politician, born in England; premier of NSW 1901--04.
see [1]
verb, saw, seen, seeing.

-- verb (t)
1. to observe, be aware of, or perceive, with the eyes.
2. to look at; make an effort to observe in this way.
3. to imagine, remember, or retain a mental picture of: I see the house as it used to be.
4. to perceive or be aware of with any or all of the senses: I hate to see a good man turn to crime.
5. to have experience or knowledge of: to see life ; to see a bit of variety.
6. to view, or visit or attend as a spectator: have you seen the old part of town?
7. to discern with the intelligence; perceive mentally; understand: do you see where you went wrong?
8. to be willing that; to allow: I'll see you dead first ; I can't see an animal suffer.
9. to recognise; appreciate: I don't see the use of that.
10. to interpret; regard; consider: I see the problem quite differently.
11. to accept as reasonable or likely; be able to conceive or believe without difficulty: I just don't see him as prime minister.
12. to predict; foresee.
13. to ascertain, find out, or learn, as by enquiry: see who is knocking.
14. to meet socially; visit.
15. to visit formally; consult: to see a doctor.
16. to receive as a visitor or the like: the Minister will see you now.
17. to spend time in the company of, especially romantically.
18. to accompany or escort: may I see you home?
19. to ensure: see that the work is done.
20. Poker, etc. to match (a bet) or match the bet of (another better) by making an equal bet. Cf. raise.
-- verb (i)
21. to have or use the power of sight.
22. to understand; discern.
23. to enquire or find out.
24. to give attention or care: go and see to it now.
25. to deliberate; consider; think.
26. Obsolete to look.
-- phrase
27. see about, to deal with or attend to.
28. see here, (an expression used to attract attention, for emphasis or the like).
29. see in, to greet; celebrate: see in the new year.
30. see into, to investigate: the manager must see into the circumstances of the dismissal of these workers.
31. see off, a. to attend the depa