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  Dictionary Definition of rust

1. the red or orange coating which forms on the surface of iron when exposed to air and moisture, consisting chiefly of ferric hydroxide and ferric oxide.
2. any film or coating on metal due to oxidation, etc.
3. a stain resembling iron rust.
4. Botany a. any of the various plant diseases caused by fungi, especially members of the order Uredinales, in which the leaves and stems become spotted and acquire a red to brown colour. b. Also, rust fungus. a fungus producing such a disease; a particular threat to the wheat industry.
5. rust colour; reddish brown or orange.
6. an impairment of the mental faculties, sensibilities, etc., especially resulting from lack of stimulation: And pray are we to be here at last, in the very heart of things, with twenty years' rust... to rub off, and yet go nowhere and hear nothing? -- HENRY HANDEL RICHARDSON, 1925.
-- verb (i)
7. to grow rusty, as iron does; corrode.
8. to contract rust.
9. to deteriorate or become impaired, as through inaction or disuse.
10. to become rust-coloured.
-- verb (t)
11. to affect with rust.
12. to impair as if with rust.
13. to make rust-coloured.
[ME and OE, c. G Rost ]
-- rustable, adjective