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  Dictionary Definition of rat

1. any of certain long-tailed rodents of the genus Rattus and allied genera (family Muridae), resembling but larger than the mouse, as the brown rat, R. norvegicus.
2. any rodent of the same family, or any of various similar animals.
3. desert rat.
4. Colloquial someone who abandons friends or associates, especially in time of trouble.
5. Colloquial a person considered as wretched or despicable.
-- interjection
6. ( plural ) Colloquial (an exclamation of annoyance, incredulity, denial, or disappointment).
-- verb ( ratted, ratting )
-- verb (i)
7. to hunt or catch rats.
8. Colloquial to work as a scab (def. 4).
-- verb (t) Colloquial
9. to steal from; loot: he was caught ratting the tin.
10. Mining a. to pilfer (opal, gold, etc.) from a miner's hiding place. b. to enter (someone's mine) and take out opal rock, gold, etc.
-- phrase
11. like a rat up a drainpipe, Colloquial with great speed or enthusiasm.
12. rat on, Colloquial a. to desert one's party or associates, especially in time of trouble: a man who would rat on his friends. b. to inform on; betray. c. to go back on (a statement, agreement, etc.).
13. rat through, to sort through in a careless or hasty manner.
14. smell a rat, Colloquial to be suspicious.
[ME ratte, OE rat, c. G Ratz, Ratte ]