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  Dictionary Definition of ons

preposition a particle expressing:
1. position above and in contact with a supporting surface: on the table.
2. contact with any surface: the picture on the wall; the shoes on my feet.
3. immediate proximity: a house on the coast; to border on absurdity.
4. situation, place, location, etc.: a scar on the face.
5. support, suspension, dependence, reliance, or means of conveyance: on foot; on wheels.
6. state, condition, course, process, etc.: on the way; on strike.
7. ground or basis: on good authority; a story based on fact.
8. risk or liability: on pain of death.
9. time or occasion: on Sunday.
10. position with relation to something else: on the left; on the other side.
11. direction or end of motion: to march on the capital.
12. encounter: to happen on a person.
13. object or end of action, thought, desire, etc.: to gaze on a scene.
14. membership or association: on the staff of a newspaper; to serve on a jury.
15. agency or means: to speak on the telephone; we saw it on television.
16. manner: on the cheap; on the sly.
17. subject, reference, or respect: views on public matters.
18. relation of someone to an event which affects them, especially where they are morally responsible: I don't want him to die on me; the apples went bad on me.
19. liability for expense: drinks are on the house.
20. engagement in the mining of a specified resource: on the tin.
21. Colloquial indulgence to excess: he's on the bottle, on the turps.
22. direction of attention or emotion: don't go crook on me.
-- adverb
23. on oneself or itself: to put one's coat on.
24. fast to a thing, as for support: to hold on.
25. towards a place, point, or object: to look on.
26. forwards, onwards or along, as in any course or process: further on.
27. with continuous procedure: to work on.
28. into or in active operation or performance: to turn the gas on.
-- adjective
29. operating or in use: the heating is on; the handbrake is on.
30. taking place; occurring: sport is on tomorrow.
31. Cricket leg-side.
32. \fs
noun biblical name of Heliopolis.
Old Norse.