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  Dictionary Definition of note

1. a brief record of something set down to assist the memory, or for reference or development.
2. ( plural ) a record of a speech, statement, testimony, etc., or of one's impressions of something.
3. an explanatory or critical comment, or a reference to authority quoted, appended to a passage in a book or the like.
4. a brief written or printed statement giving particulars or information.
5. Bibliography additional information about a book, such as its special series or some other significant identification, entered on the library catalogue card.
6. a short informal letter.
7. a formal diplomatic or official communication in writing.
8. a paper acknowledging a debt and promising payment; promissory note; note of hand.
9. a certificate, as of a government or a bank, passing current as money; a banknote.
10. eminence or distinction: a man of note.
11. importance or consequence: no other thing of note this year.
12. notice, observation, or heed.
13. a characteristic or distinguishing feature.
14. a mark, token, or indication of something, or from which something may be inferred
15. a sound or tone.
16. Music a sign or character used to represent a sound, the position and form of which indicates the pitch and duration of the sound.
17. Music a key, as of a piano.
18. Archaic. a melody, tune, or song.
19. a sound of musical quality uttered by a bird.
20. any call, cry, or sound of a bird, fowl, etc.
21. a tone sounded on a trumpet or other musical instrument as a signal.
22. a signal, announcement, or intimation: a note of warning.
23. Colloquial a new or unexpected element in a situation.
24. way of speaking or thinking: to change one's note.
25. a mark or sign, as of punctuation, used in writing or printing.
-- verb (t) ( noted, noting )
26. to mark down, as in writing; make a memorandum of.
27. to make particular mention of in a writing.
28. to annotate.
29. to observe carefully; give attention or heed to.
30. to take notice of; perceive.
31. to set down in or furnish with musical notes.
32. to indicate or designate; signify or denote.
[ME, from L nota a mark]
-- noter, noun