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  Dictionary Definition of nose

1. the part of the face or head which contains the nostrils, affording passage for air in respiration, etc.
2. this part as the organ of smell: the aroma of coffee greeted his nose.
3. the sense of smell: a dog with a good nose.
4. a faculty of perceiving or detecting: a nose for news.
5. the quality of prying or interfering: keep your nose out of it.
6. something regarded as resembling the nose of a person or animal, as a spout or nozzle.
7. the prow of a ship.
8. the forward end of an aircraft.
9. a projecting part of anything.
10. (of wines) bouquet (def. 2).
11. the length of the nose of a horse or other animal as a measure in racing. Cf. neck.
-- verb ( nosed, nosing )
-- verb (t)
12. to perceive by or as by the nose or the sense of smell: It was like an invisible animal, which could be nosed, though -- CHRISTINA STEAD, 1940.
13. to bring the nose close to, as in smelling or examining; sniff.
14. to move or push forward.
15. to touch or rub with the nose; nuzzle.
-- verb (i)
16. to smell or sniff.
17. to move ( in, out, forward, etc.), usually slowly or gently.
18. to meddle or pry.
-- phrase
19. by a nose, Colloquial by a very narrow margin.
20. cut off one's nose to spite one's face, to damage one's own interests by a spiteful or vengeful action.
21. follow one's nose, to find one's own way, as by instinct.
22. keep one's nose clean, to follow rules and regulations meticulously so as to avoid any blame.
23. keep one's nose to the grindstone, to force one to work without respite.
24. lead by the nose, to exercise complete control over.
25. look down one's nose at, to despise; disdain.
26. nose after ; nose for, to seek as if by smelling or scent.
27. nose into, to pry into or be inquisitive about.
28. on the nose, Colloquial a. smelly; objectionable; decayed; stinking (esp. of rotten organic matter, as food). b. unpleasant; distasteful.
29. pay through the nose, to pay an excessive amount.
30. pick one's nose, to remove congealed mucus fr