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  Dictionary Definition of mans

noun ( plural men )
1. the human creature or being as representative of its kind, and distinguished from other beings, animals, or things; the human race; mankind.
2. Anthropology the human species (genus Homo, family Hominidae, class Mammalia) at the highest level of animal development, mainly characterised by exceptional mentality.
3. a male human being (as distinguished from woman ).
4. an adult male person (as distinguished from boy ).
5. a husband: man and wife.
6. Colloquial a male lover, boyfriend or de facto husband: Her man came also.
7. one; anyone (preceded by a ): to give a man a chance.
8. a male follower, subordinate, or employee: officers and men of the army.
9. one having manly qualities or virtues.
10. one's representative in a specified place, country, etc.
11. a male servant; a valet.
12. (a word of condescending address to a man): my good man.
13. Originally US Colloquial (a term of address to a man).
14. one of the pieces used in playing certain games, as chess or draughts.
15. History a liegeman; vassal.
-- interjection
16. US Colloquial (an exclamation indicating astonishment, pleasure, displeasure, etc.): Man! you should have been there.
-- verb (t) ( manned, manning )
17. to furnish with personnel, as for service or defence.
18. to take one's place for service, as at a gun, post, etc.
19. to make manly; brace.
20. Falconry to accustom (a hawk) to the presence of men.
-- phrase
21. man and boy, (of a male) from childhood.
22. the man, Colloquialan employer; boss.
23. the man of the house, the principal male of a household (as opposed to lady of the house ).
24. to a man, all; to the last man.
[defs 1--15: ME and OE mann, man (plural menn, men ), c. Icel. madhr, D man, G Mann ; def. 13 originally African-American English; ? influenced by similar uses in African languages. Cf. Mandingo ceh man, as a term of address; defs 17-20: ME manne ( n ), OE mannian ]
noun Isle of, an island in the Irish Sea, one of the British Isles; a crown possession of the United Kingdom but with its own parliament, claimed to be the world's oldest continuous legislature. Pop. 64000 (1986); 588 km2. Cap.: Douglas.