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  Dictionary Definition of hose

noun ( plural hose, or, Archaic, hosen )
1. an article of clothing for the foot and lower part of the leg; stockings, tights, pantihose, etc.
2. a garment for the legs and thighs, as tights or breeches, formerly worn by men.
3. a flexible tube for conveying water, etc., to a desired point: a garden hose.
4. a sheath, or sheathing part, as that enclosing the kernel of grain.
-- verb (t) ( hosed, hosing )
5. to water, wash, or drench by means of a hose.
-- phrase
6. hose down, a. to clean by hosing. b. to restrain; reduce the fervour of: They will have to hose down the hotheads in the group. c. to resolve (a dispute) before trouble ensues. d. to reduce the importance of; play down.
[ME and OE, c. D hoos, G Hose, Icel. hosa ]