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  Dictionary Definition of dust

1. earth or other matter in fine, dry particles.
2. any finely powdered substance, as sawdust.
3. a cloud of finely powdered earth or other matter in the air.
4. that to which anything, as the human body, is reduced by disintegration or decay.
5. the mortal body of man.
6. Archaic. a single particle or grain.
7. ashes, refuse, etc.
8. a low or humble condition.
9. anything worthless.
10. gold dust.
11. disturbance; turmoil: let the dust settle.
12. Obsolete Colloquial flour.
-- verb (t)
13. (often followed by off ) to free from dust; wipe the dust from: to dust the table.
14. to sprinkle (with dust or powder): to dust plants with powder.
15. to strew or sprinkle as dust: dust powder over plants.
16. to soil with dust; make dusty.
-- verb (i)
17. to wipe dust from furniture, a room etc.
18. to become dusty.
-- phrase
19. bite the dust, to be killed or wounded.
20. dust off, to take from storage and make ready for use again; begin to use or practise again.
21. lick the dust, Colloquial a. to be killed or wounded. b. to grovel; humble oneself abjectly.
22. raise the dust, Colloquial to make a fuss; cause a disturbance.
23. shake the dust off one's feet, to depart with scorn.
24. the dust, Mining Colloquial silicosis.
25. throw dust in someone's eyes, to mislead.
[ME doust, OE dust, c. G Dunst vapour]
-- dustless, adjective