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  Dictionary Definition of billeter

billet [1]
1. a. lodging for a soldier, especially lodging in private or non-military public buildings. b. private, usually unpaid, temporary lodgings arranged for members of a group or team.
2. one who is billeted, especially as a member of a visiting group: During the Choral Festival we will have a billet from the country.
3. Military an official order, written or verbal, directing the person to whom it is addressed to provide such lodging.
4. a place assigned, as a berth or the like to a member of a ship's crew.
5. job; appointment, especially (formerly) that obtained by a convict, often as an indulgence.
6. a small paper or note in writing.
-- verb (t) ( billeted, billeting )
7. Military to direct (a soldier) by ticket, note, or verbal order, where to lodge.
8. to provide lodging for; quarter.
[ME billette, from OF, b. bille a writing and bullette certificate, from bulle BULL3 ]