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  Dictionary Definition of all

1. the whole of (with reference to quantity, extent, duration, amount, or degree): all Australia, all the year round.
2. the whole number of (with reference to individuals or particulars, taken collectively): all women.
3. a plurality of; many (chiefly with kinds, sorts, manner).
4. any; any whatever: beyond all doubt.
5. the greatest possible: with all speed.
-- pronoun
6. the whole quantity or amount: to eat all of something.
7. the whole number: all of us.
8. everything: is that all ?
-- noun
9. a whole; a totality of things or qualities.
10. one's whole interest, concern, or property: to give one's all ; to lose one's all.
-- adverb
11. wholly; entirely; quite: all alone.
12. only; exclusively: he spent his income all on pleasure.
13. each; apiece: the score was one all.
14. by so much; to that extent (fol. by the and a comparative adjective): rain made conditions all the worse.
15. Archaic and Poetic even; just.
-- phrase
16. above all, before everything else.
17. after all, a. after everything has been considered; not withstanding. b. in spite of all that was done, said, etc.: He lost the fight after all.
18. all aboard!, a. a warning cry to intending passengers used by transport attendants, conductors, etc. b. NZ, a cry given by shearers, when shearing is about to begin.
19. all cush, Colloquial okay; all right.
20. all guff 'n' guiver, Colloquial loquacious; insincere.
21. all in, Colloquial exhausted.
22. all in all, a. taking everything together: All in all, we're better off now. b. one's sole and exclusive concern in life: He is her all in all.
23. all over, a. representatively; typically: That's him all over. b. completely finished: The game's all over. c. everywhere: to look all over for something. d. over the whole extent: He has spots all over.
24. all over the place, in a state of confusion and disorder.
25. all piss and wind, Colloquial a. loquacious; ins