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  About webPHPboggle

WEBoggle is based on the classic original Boggle game. Weboggle is free for all to play. Why not invite your friends and have a competition? The game has an exclusive in-built live chat system so you can talk with other Boggle players. Read more...

Unlike others, this game does not require registration. Just enter your name (or nickname) and start playing right away!

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  Welcome to WEBoggle, with social networking, facebook alternative

Welcome to Online Web Boggle, the free online word game!

Play Boggle and see how many words you can find in three minutes.
Also compete against other bogglers in a live game of word skill!


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What players are saying:

Today at 05:06 pm - scarlett: in for a fe... hey y'all
Today at 05:09 pm - Mister Mark: Good evening, Scarlett
Today at 05:10 pm - mitchjason: hi Scarlett
Today at 05:10 pm - scarlett: hello MM :))
Today at 05:10 pm - mitchjason: gg again mm
Today at 05:10 pm - mitchjason: 1 more
Today at 05:11 pm - Mister Mark: ty
Today at 05:13 pm - mitchjason: underpays nice
Today at 05:13 pm - slappappy: yes nf
Today at 05:17 pm - scarlett: last 1 for me
Today at 05:18 pm - Mister Mark: Being unemployed underpays
44 minutes ago - DoSomeWorkInstead: morning all
44 minutes ago - happy: hi do
40 minutes ago - happy: gg javon
40 minutes ago - javon: hello all gg
32 minutes ago - DoSomeWorkInstead: hi javon
29 minutes ago - happy: wd do
25 minutes ago - DoSomeWorkInstead: you too happy
21 minutes ago - DoSomeWorkInstead: well done on pieman - knew there was a man somewhere!
17 minutes ago - happy: tnx

Last Game #1746622

# Name Score Words
1 ByeByeSocialis.. 109 88
2 DumDum 80 65
3 ida 78 60
4 empty_inside 74 56
5 lex 50 39

Words found by players:
ket set lets let sot lest toe ink sel toes link tose lint ole tot oles tots lit tote sole lites lite totes lot stote lose stot lost stole toles sev tole loves sol sou love soul lots cues cue clue clues loe tets loes til test tiles tile stet nites nite cites cite luos closet voe close vest jet jets jest vole tej clots clot voles volt vote votes ties soe tie oes stove clit leu tink toul clink lin nil tin nit inlet clint elites elite cult cloth tic tele etic cloves clove kelt soli eth keto knit sekt lek its loth

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