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  Dictionary Definition of zip

zip [1]
noun, verb, zipped, zipping.

1. Also, zip-fastener. a fastener consisting of an interlocking device set along two edges to unite (or separate) them when an attached piece sliding between them is pulled, and used in place of buttons, hooks, or the like, on clothing, bags, etc.
2. Colloquial a sudden, brief hissing sound, as of a bullet.
3. energy or vim.
-- verb (i)
4. Colloquial to move with zip; hurry: they zipped along.
5. to proceed with energy.
-- verb (t)
6. Also, zip up. to fasten with a zip.
-- phrase
7. zip someone up, to do up a zipper on an article of clothing (someone) is putting on, especially when it is in an awkward position.