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  Dictionary Definition of worst

adjective, used as superl. of bad.

1. bad or ill in the greatest or highest degree.
2. most faulty, unsatisfactory, or objectionable.
3. most unfavourable or injurious.
4. in the poorest condition.
5. most unpleasant or disagreeable.
6. most unsuccessful, ineffective, or unskilful.
-- noun
7. that which or one who is worst or the worst part.
-- adverb
8. in the most evil, wicked, or disadvantageous manner.
9. with the most severity, intensity, etc.; in the greatest degree.
10. in the least satisfactory, complete or effective manner: the worst-dressed girl in the room.
-- verb (t)
11. to give (one) the worst of a contest or struggle; defeat; beat.
-- phrase
12. come off worst or get the worst or get the worst of, to be defeated (in a contest).
13. if worst comes to worst or if the worst comes to the worst, if the very worst happens.
14. one's worst, the utmost, especially the utmost harm, that a person is capable of: to do one's worst to someone.
[ME; OE wurresta, northern var. of wyr ( re ) sta, wer ( re ) sta, c. Icel. verstr ]