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  Dictionary Definition of wool

1. the fine, soft, curly hair, characterised by minute, overlapping surface scales, to which its felting property is mainly due, that forms the fleece of sheep and certain other animals, that of sheep constituting one of the most important materials of clothing.
2. a fibre produced from sheep's fleece or the like, that may be spun into yarn, or made into felt, upholstery materials, etc.
3. any of various types of yarn spun from this, as worsted, tweed, etc.
4. fabric made from sheep's wool.
5. woollen yarn used for knitting, crocheting, ornamental needlework, etc.
6. any of various substances used commercially as substitutes for the wool of sheep, etc.
7. a kind of wool-like yarn or material made from cellulose by a process similar to that used in manufacturing rayon or artificial silk.
8. any of certain vegetable fibres, such as cotton, flax, etc., so used, especially after preparation by special process ( vegetable wool ).
9. any finely fibrous or filamentous matter suggestive of the wool of sheep: glass wool.
10. Colloquial the human hair, especially when short, thick, and curly.
-- phrase
11. all wool and a yard wide, Obsolete Colloquial genuine; completely honest.
12. dyed in the wool, inveterate.
13. in the wool, (of sheep) ready or nearly ready for shearing.
14. keep one's wool, to keep one's temper; not become angry.
15. lose one's wool, to lose one's temper; become angry.
16. pull the wool over one's eyes, to deceive or delude one.
[ME wole, OE wull, c. D wol, G Wolle, Icel. ull, Goth. wulla ]