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  Dictionary Definition of wolf

noun, plural wolves , verb

-- noun
1. a large, wild carnivore, Canis lupus, of Europe, Asia, and North America, belonging to the dog family, a swift-footed, cunning, rapacious animal, destructive to game, sheep, etc.
2. the fur of such an animal.
3. some wolf-like animal not of the dog family, as the Tasmanian wolf.
4. Entomology the larva of any of various small insects infesting granaries.
5. any of various rapacious fishes, as the pike.
6. a cruelly rapacious person.
7. Colloquial a man who is boldly flirtatious or amorous towards many women.
8. Music a. the harsh discord heard in certain chords of keyboard instruments, especially the organ, when tuned to some system of unequal temperament. b. a chord or interval in which such a discord appears. c. Also, wolf note. (in bowed instruments) a discordant or false vibration in a string due to a defect in structure or adjustment of the instrument.
-- verb (t)
9. Colloquial to eat ravenously.
-- verb (i)
10. to hunt for wolves.
-- phrase
11. cry wolf, to give false alarms habitually.
12. keep the wolf from the door, to ward off or keep away poverty or hunger.
13. lone wolf, a person or animal who prefers to be and act alone.
14. wolf in sheep's clothing, one who hides hostile or malicious intentions behind a harmless appearance.
[ME; OE wulf, c. D wolf, G Wolf, Icel. ulfr ]
1. Friedrich August , 1759--1824, German classical scholar.
2. Hugo , 1860--1903, Austrian composer, chiefly of Lieder.