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  Dictionary Definition of wing

1. either of the two anterior extremities, or appendages of the scapular arch or shoulder girdle, of most birds and of bats, which constitute the forelimbs and correspond to the human arms, but are adapted for flight.
2. either of two corresponding but rudimentary or functionless parts in certain other birds, as ostriches and penguins.
3. any of certain other winglike structures of other animals, as the patagium of a flying squirrel.
4. (in insects) one of the thin, flat, movable, lateral extensions from the back of the mesothorax and the metathorax by means of which the insects fly.
5. a similar structure with which gods, angels, demons, etc., are conceived to be provided for the purpose of flying.
6. Colloquial an arm of a human being.
7. a means or instrument of flight, travel, or progress.
8. the act or manner of flying.
9. flight; departure: to take wing.
10. something resembling or likened to a wing, as a vane or sail of a windmill.
11. Aeronautics a. that portion of a main supporting surface confined to one side of an aeroplane. b. any complete winglike structure; plane.
12. the mudguard of a motor vehicle.
13. Architecture a part of a building projecting on one side of, or subordinate to, a central or main part.
14. Furniture an extension on the side of the back of an armchair above the arms.
15. Navy. either of the two side portions of fleet (usu. called right wing and left wing, and distinguished from the centre); flank unit.
16. a. (in fighter command of the RAAF and certain other air forces) a number of squadrons, usually three, four, or five, operating together as a tactical unit. b. (in the US Air Force) an administrative and tactical unit consisting of two or more groups, a headquarters, and certain supporting and service units.
17. ( plural ) the insignia or emblem worn by a qualified pilot.
18. Fortifications either of the longer sides of a crownwork, uniting it to the main work.
19. a. Australian Rules. either of the two centre-line positions on each side of the centre. b. Hockey, Rugby, Soccer, etc. either of the two areas of the pitch near the touchline and ahead of the halfway line, known as the left and right wings respectively, with reference to the direction of the opposing goal. c. a player in one of these positions.
20. Theatre a. the platform or space on the right or left of the stage proper. b. one of the long, narrow side pieces of scenery.
21. Anatomy an ala: the wings of the sphenoid.
22. Botany a. any leaf-like expansion, as of a samara. b. one of the two side petals of a papilionaceous flower.