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  Dictionary Definition of wet

adjective, wetter, wettest, noun, verb, wet or wetted, wetting.

-- adjective
1. covered or soaked, wholly or in part, with water or some other liquid: wet hands, a wet sponge.
2. moist, damp, or not dry: wet ink ; wet paint.
3. characterised by the presence or use of water or other liquid: the wet method of chemical analysis.
4. rainy; having a rainy climate.
5. characterised by or favouring allowance of the manufacture and sale of alcoholic beverages.
6. Colloquial weak; feeble; spiritless.
7. adhering to the policies of a wet (def. 15).
8. (of sheep) having fleece too wet to be shorn.
9. Colloquial irritable; angry.
-- noun
10. that which makes wet, as water or other liquid; moisture.
11. a wet state, condition, or place.
12. rain.
13. US. one who favours allowance of the manufacture and sale of alcoholic beverages.
14. Colloquial a weak, usually dreary, person.
15. one within a political party, etc., who does not adopt a hard uncompromising fiscal policy (opposed to dry ).
-- verb (t)
16. to make wet.
17. to make wet, as by urinating: the child wet the bed.
-- verb (i)
18. to become wet.
-- phrase
19. the wet, the rainy season in central and northern Australia, from December to March.
20. wet behind the ears, Colloquial naive, lacking maturity, experience, or the like.
21. wet one's whistle, Colloquial to take a drink.
[ME wett, properly pp. of wete, OE wętan to wet; replacing ME weet, OE węt, c. Icel. vatr ]
-- wetly, adverb -- wetness, noun -- wetter, noun -- wettish, adjective