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  Dictionary Definition of west

1. a cardinal point of the compass (90 to the left of north) corresponding to the point where the sun is seen to set.
2. the direction in which this point lies.
-- adjective
3. direct or proceeding towards the west.
4. coming from the west: a west wind.
5. lying towards or situated in the west: the west side.
6. Ecclesiastical designating lying towards, or in that part of a church opposite to and farthest from the altar.
-- adverb
7. in the direction of the sunset; towards or in the west.
8. from the west (as of wind).
-- phrase
9. go west, Colloquial a. to die. b. to disappear; be lost.
10. the west, a. ( sometimes cap. ) a quarter or territory situated in this direction. b. ( usually cap. ) West2.
[ME and OE, c. D west, G West, Icel. vestr ]
West [1]
1. Benjamin, 1738--1820, American painter in England.
2. John, 1809--73, Australian Congregational churchman, writer and newspaper editor, born in England.
3. Mae, 1892--1980, US film star.
4. Morris Langlo, born 1916, Australian novelist; works include The Devil's Advocate (1959) and The Shoes of the Fisherman (1963).
5. Dame Rebecca, ( Cicily Isabel Fairfield nee Andrews ), 1892--1983, English novelist and critic.
6. Winifred, 1881--1971, Australian educationalist; founded schools aimed at providing progressive education for girls and women.