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  Dictionary Definition of weep

weep [1]
verb, wept, weeping, noun

-- verb (i)
1. to manifest grief or anguish, originally by outcry, now by tears; shed tears, as from sorrow, unhappiness, or any overpowering emotion; cry: to weep for joy or rage.
2. to let fall drops of water or liquid; drip.
3. to exude water or liquid, as soil, rock, a plant stem, a sore, etc.
-- verb (t)
4. to weep for; mourn with tears or other expression of sorrow: he wept his dead brother.
5. to shed (tears, etc.).
6. to let fall or give forth in drops: trees weeping odorous gums.
7. to pass with the shedding of tears: to weep the hours away.
-- noun
8. Colloquial weeping, or a fit of weeping.
9. exudation of water or liquid.
-- phrase
10. week one's eyes out, to shed copious tears.
[ME wepe, OE wepan wail, c. Goth. wopjan call]