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  Dictionary Definition of way

1. manner, mode, or fashion: a new way of looking at a matter, to reply in a polite way.
2. characteristic or habitual manner: that is only his way.
3. a course, plan, or means for attaining an end.
4. respect or particular: a plan defective in several ways.
5. direction: look this way.
6. passage or progress on a course: to make one's way on foot, to lead the way.
7. distance: a long way off.
8. a path or course leading from one place to another.
9. a road, route, passage, or channel (usu. used in combination): a highway, waterway, doorway.
10. Law a right of way.
11. any line of passage or travel used or available: blaze a way through dense woods.
12. space for passing or advancing: he cleared a way through the throng of people.
13. ( often plural ) a habit or custom: I don't like his ways at all.
14. the course of mode or action which one prefers or upon which one is resolved: to have one's own way.
15. Colloquial condition, as to health, prosperity, etc.: to be in a bad way.
16. range of experience or notice: the best device that ever came my way.
17. course of life, action, or experience: the way of transgressors is hard.
18. ( plural ) (in shipbuilding) the timbers on which a ship is launched.
19. Machinery a longitudinal strip, as in a planer, guiding a moving part along a surface.
20. Nautical movement or passage through the water.
21. a long distance: we've still got a way to go yet.
-- adverb
22. very far: he is way out in the surf.
23. to a great extent; much: way too late ; way out of sync.
-- phrase
24. by the way, incidentally; in the course of one's remarks: by the way, have you received that letter yet?
25. by way of, a. by the route of; via; through. b. as a method or means of: to number articles by way of distinguishing them. c. having a reputation for; ostensibly (being, doing, etc.): he is by way of being an authority on the subject.
26. come someone's way, to come to someone; happen to someone.
27. give way, a. to withdraw; retreat. b. to yield; break down; collapse.
28. give way to, a. to yield to.
noun Sir Samuel James, 1836--1916, Australian judge and politician, born in England; became chief justice of SA in 1876 and lieutenant-governor in 1891.