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  Dictionary Definition of wash

verb (t)
1. to apply water or some other liquid to for the purpose of cleansing; cleanse by dipping, rubbing, or scrubbing in water, etc.
2. to free from spiritual defilement, or from sin, guilt, etc.
3. to wet with water or other liquid, or as water does.
4. to flow over or against: a shore or cliff washed by waves.
5. to carry or bring ( up, down, or along ) with water or any liquid, or as the water or liquid does: the storm washed seaweed high on the beach.
6. to form (a channel, etc.), as flowing water does.
7. Mining, etc. a. to subject (earth, etc.) to the action of water in order to separate valuable material. b. to separate (valuable material, as gold) thus.
8. to purify (a gas or gaseous mixture) by passage through or over a liquid.
9. to cover with a watery or thin coat of colour.
10. to overlay with a thin coat or deposit of metal: to wash brass with gold.
-- verb (i)
11. to wash oneself: time to wash for dinner.
12. to wash clothes.
13. to cleanse anything with or in water or the like.
14. to undergo washing, especially without injury.
15. Colloquial to stand being put to the proof; bear investigation: that excuse might wash with some people.
16. to be carried or driven (along, ashore, etc.) by water.
17. to flow or beat with a lapping sound, as waves on a shore.
18. to move along in or as in waves, or with a rushing movement, as water.
19. to be eroded, as by a stream, rainfall, etc.: a hillside that washes frequently.
-- noun
20. the act of washing with water or other liquid.
21. a quantity of clothes, etc., washed, or to be washed, at one time.
22. a liquid with which something is washed, wetted, coloured, overspread, etc.
23. the flow, sweep, dash, or breaking of water.
24. the sound made by this: listening to the wash of the Atlantic.
25. water moving along in waves or with a rushing movement.
26. the rough or broken water left behind a moving ship, etc.
27. Aeronautics the disturbance in the air left behind by a moving aeroplane or any of its parts.
28. any of various liquids for toilet purposes: a hair wash.
29. a medicinal lotion.
30. earth, etc., from which gold or the like can be extracted by washing.
31. the wearing away of the shore by breaking waves.
32. a tract of land washed by
noun the, a shallow bay of the North Sea, on the eastern coast of England. About 35 km long, about 24 km wide.