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  Dictionary Definition of walls

1. an upright work or structure of stone, brick, or similar material, serving for enclosure, division, support, protection, etc., as one of the upright enclosing sides of a building or a room, or a solid fence of masonry.
2. ( usually plural ) a rampart raised for defensive purposes.
3. anything which resembles or suggests a wall: a wall of prejudice.
4. a wall-like enclosing part, thing, mass, etc.: a wall of fire; a wall of troops.
5. an embankment to prevent flooding.
6. the external layer of structural material surrounding an object, as an organ of the body or a plant or animal cell.
7. Mountaineering a vertical or nearly vertical stretch of unbroken rock.
-- adjective
8. of or relating to a wall.
9. growing against or on a wall.
10. situated or placed in or on a wall.
-- verb (t)
11. to fill up (a doorway, etc.) with a wall.
-- phrase
12. be wall to wall with, to be crowded with; covered with.
13. go to the wall, a. to give way or suffer defeat in a conflict or competition. b. to fail in business, or become bankrupt.
14. up the wall, Colloquial in or into a state of exasperation, confusion, etc.: washing dishes drives me up the wall.
15. wall in, to enclose with or as with a wall.
16. wall off, to shut off or separate with or as with a wall.
17. wall up, to shut up within walls; entomb; immure.
18. with one's back to the wall, in a very difficult predicament.
[ME and OE, from L vallum ]
-- walled, adjective -- wall-less, adjective -- wall-like, adjective