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  Dictionary Definition of wait

verb (i)
1. (often followed by for, till, or until ) to stay or rest in expectation; remain in a state of quiescence or inaction, as until something expected happens: waiting for him to go.
2. (of things) to be in readiness: a letter waiting for you.
3. to remain neglected for a time: a matter that can wait.
4. to postpone or delay something or to be postponed or delayed.
-- verb (t)
5. to continue stationary or inactive in expectation of; await: to wait one's turn in a queue.
6. (of things) to be in readiness for; be reserved for: glory waits thee.
7. Colloquial to defer or postpone in expectation of the arrival of someone: to wait dinner for the guests.
8. Obsolete to attend upon or escort, especially as a sign of honour.
-- noun
9. the act of waiting or awaiting; delay; halt.
10. a period or interval of waiting.
11. Theatre the time between two acts or the like.
12. ( usually plural ) one of a band of singers and musicians who go about the streets by night at Christmas singing and playing carols, etc.
13. Obsolete the hourly calls of the watchman.
-- phrase
14. lie in wait, to wait in ambush.
15. wait on or wait upon, a. to perform the duties of an attendant or servant for. b. to supply the wants of (a person) at table. c. to call upon or visit (a person, especially a superior): to wait on the emperor in his palace. d. to attend as an accompaniment or consequence.
16. wait table, to wait at table; serve.
17. wait up, to delay going to bed to await someone's arrival.
[ME waite ( n ), from OF waitier, from OHG wahten watch; akin to WATCH ]