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  Dictionary Definition of wads

wad [1]
noun, verb, wadded, wadding.

-- noun
1. a small mass or lump of anything soft.
2. a small mass of cotton, wool, or other fibrous or soft material, used for stuffing, padding, packing, etc.
3. a ball or mass of something squeezed together: a wad of folded paper.
4. a roll or bundle, especially of banknotes.
5. a large quantity of something, especially money.
6. a plug of cloth, tow, paper, or the like, used to hold the powder or shot, or both, in place in a gun or cartridge.
-- verb (t)
7. to form into a wad.
8. to hold in place by a wad, as powder or shot.
9. to put a wad into (a gun, etc.).
10. to fill out with or as with wadding; stuff; pad.
[origin uncert.; akin to Swed. wadd, G Watte wadding]
-- wadder, noun