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  Dictionary Definition of tune

noun, verb, tuned, tuning.

-- noun
1. a succession of musical sounds forming an air or melody, with or without the harmony accompanying it.
2. a musical setting of a hymn or psalm, usually in four-part harmony.
3. the state of being in the proper pitch: to be in tune.
4. agreement in pitch; unison; harmony.
5. due agreement, as of radio instruments or circuits with respect to frequency.
6. accord; agreement.
7. Obsolete frame of mind; mood.
8. Obsolete a tone or sound.
-- verb (t)
9. Also, tune up. to adjust (a musical instrument) to a correct or given standard of pitch.
10. to bring into harmony.
11. Also, tune up. to adjust (an engine, machine or the like) for proper or improved running.
12. Radio a. to adjust (a circuit, etc.) so as to bring it into resonance with another circuit, a given frequency, or the like. b. to adjust (a receiving apparatus) so as to make it in accord in frequency with a sending apparatus whose signals are to be received. c. to adjust a receiving apparatus so as to receive (the signals of a sending station).
13. to put into a proper or a particular condition, mood, etc.
14. Rare. to adapt (the voice, song, etc.) to a particular tone or to the expression of a particular feeling or the like; attune.
15. Archaic. to utter, sound or express musically.
16. Archaic. to play upon (a lyre, etc.).
-- verb (i)
17. to give forth a musical sound.
18. to sound or be in harmony.
-- phrase
19. call the tune, to be in a position to give orders, dictate policy, etc.; command; control.
20. change one's tune or sing another tune or sing a different tune, to change one's mind; reverse previously held views, attitudes, etc.
21. to the tune of, to the amount of.
22. tune in, to adjust a radio so as to receive signals.
23. tune out, to adjust a radio so as to avoid the signals of a sending station.
24. tune up, to put a musical instrument, etc., in tune, especiall with another instrument.
[ME; unexplained var. of TONE ]