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  Dictionary Definition of try

verb, tried, trying, noun, plural tries.

-- verb (t)
1. to attempt to do or accomplish: it seems easy until you try it.
2. to test the effect or result of: to try a new method.
3. to endeavour to ascertain by experiment: to try one's luck.
4. to test the quality, value, fitness, accuracy, etc, of: to try a new brand of soap powder.
5. to attempt to open (a door, window, etc.) in order to find out whether it is locked.
6. Law to examine and determine judicially, as a cause; determine judicially the guilt or innocence of (a person).
7. to put to a severe test; strain the endurance, patience, etc., of; subject to grievous experiences, affliction, or trouble.
8. Also, try out. to melt (fat, etc.) to obtain the oil; render.
9. Also, try out, Rare. to ascertain the truth or right of (a matter, etc.) by test.
10. Obsolete to show or prove by test or experience.
-- verb (i)
11. to make an attempt or effort: try harder next time.
-- noun
12. an attempt, endeavour, or effort: to have a try at something.
13. Rugby League, Rugby Union a. a touchdown. b. the score earned for this.
-- phrase
14. try it on, Colloquial to attempt to hoodwink or test the patience of, especially impudently.
15. try on, to put on (clothes, etc.) to see if they fit.
16. try out, a. to test; experiment with. b. to compete (for a position, etc.).
[ME tryen, from OF trier pick, cull]
-- trier, noun