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  Dictionary Definition of true

adjective, truer, truest, noun, adverb, verb, trued, truing.

-- adjective
1. being in accordance with the actual state of things; conforming to fact; not false: a true story.
2. real or genuine: true gold.
3. free from deceit; sincere: a true interest in someone's welfare.
4. firm in allegiance; loyal; faithful; trusty.
5. being or indicating the essential reality of something.
6. agreeing with or conforming to a standard, pattern, rule, or the like: a true copy.
7. exact, correct, or accurate: a true balance.
8. Science (of a measurement) corrected to allow for factors, such as the observer's height, which affect the measurement.
9. of the right kind; such as it should be; proper: to arrange things in their true order.
10. properly so called; rightly answering to a description: true statesmanship.
11. legitimate or rightful: the true heir.
12. reliable, unfailing, or sure: a true sign.
13. exactly or accurately shaped, formed, fitted, or placed, as a surface, instrument, or part of a mechanism.
14. Biology belonging to a particular group; conforming to the norm; typical.
15. Stock Breeding purebred.
16. Navigation (of a bearing) fixed in relation to the earth's axis rather than the magnetic poles: true north.
17. Archaic. truthful.
18. Archaic. honest; honourable; upright.
-- noun
19. exact or accurate formation, position, or adjustment: to be out of true.
-- adverb
20. in a true manner; truly or truthfully.
21. exactly or accurately.
22. in agreement with the ancestral type: to breed true.
-- verb (t)
23. to make true; shape, adjust, place, etc., exactly or accurately.
-- phrase
24. come true, to happen in reality as desired, expected, dreamt, etc.: if dreams came true.
25. the true, that which is true.
[ME; OE treowe, c. G treu ]
-- trueness, noun