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  Dictionary Definition of trots

verb, trotted, trotting, noun

-- verb (i)
1. (of a horse, etc.) to go at a gait between a walk and a run, in which the legs move in diagonal pairs, but not quite simultaneously, so that when the movement is slow one foot at least is always on the ground, and when fast all four feet are momentarily off the ground at once.
2. to go at a quick, steady gait; move briskly, bustle, or hurry.
-- verb (t)
3. to cause to trot.
4. to ride at a trot.
5. to lead at a trot.
-- noun
6. the gait of a horse, dog, etc., when trotting.
7. the sound made.
8. a jogging gait between a walk and a run.
9. (in harness racing) a race for trotters.
-- phrase
10. a bad trot, Colloquial a run of bad luck.
11. a good trot, Colloquial a run of good luck.
12. on the trot, a. in a state of continuous activity. b. one after another, in quick succession: he won three races on the trot.
13. the trots, a. Colloquial diarrhoea. b. races for trotting or pacing horses; a trotting meeting.
14. trot out, Colloquial a. to bring forward for or as for inspection. b. to give voice to in a trite or boring way.
[ME trotten, from OF trotter, from MHG trotten run, originally tread]