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  Dictionary Definition of trill

verb (t)
1. to sing with a vibratory effect of voice, especially in the manner of a shake or trill.
2. to play with like effect on an instrument.
3. Phonetics to pronounce with rapid vibrations of an elastic organ of speech: Spanish 'rr' is trilled with the tip of the tongue.
4. (of birds, etc.) to sing or give forth in a succession of rapidly alternating or changing sounds.
-- verb (i)
5. to resound vibrantly, or with a rapid succession of sounds, as the voice, song, laughter, etc.
6. to utter, give forth, or make a sound or a succession of sounds more or less resembling such singing, as a bird, a frog, a grasshopper, a person laughing, etc.
7. to execute a shake or trill with the voice or on a musical instrument.
-- noun
8. the act or sound of trilling.
9. Music a trilled sound, or a rapid alternation of two consecutive notes, in singing or in instrumental music; a shake.
10. a similar sound, or succession of sounds, uttered or made by a bird, an insect, a person laughing, etc.
11. Phonetics a. a trilled articulation. b. a trilled consonant, as Spanish rr.
[It. trillo, noun, quaver or warble in singing; of Gmc origin]