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  Dictionary Definition of trap

trap [1]
noun, verb, trapped, trapping.

-- noun
1. a contrivance used for taking game or other animals, as a mechanical device that springs shut suddenly; a pitfall, or a snare.
2. any device, stratagem, or the like for catching one unawares.
3. an ambush.
4. any of various mechanical contrivances for preventing the passage of steam, water, etc.
5. an arrangement in a pipe, as a double curve or a U-shaped section, in which liquid remains and forms a seal, for preventing the passage or escape of air or gases through the pipe from behind or below; P trap; S trap; gully trap.
6. ( plural ) percussion instruments, especially a drum kit.
7. a device for suddenly releasing or tossing into the air objects to be shot at, as pigeons or clay targets.
8. a carriage, especially a light two-wheeled one.
9. a trapdoor.
10. Colloquial the mouth.
11. ( usually plural ) a police officer.
-- verb (t)
12. to catch in a trap: to trap foxes.
13. to take by stratagem; lead by artifice or wiles.
14. to furnish or set with traps.
15. to provide (a drain, etc.) with a trap.
16. to stop and hold by a trap, as air in a pipe.
-- verb (i)
17. to set traps for game: he was busy trapping.
18. to engage in catching animals in traps for their furs.
-- phrase
19. around the traps, Colloquial in public places, especially places where gossip and information is commonly circulated.
20. a trap for young players, Colloquial a danger or risk to the inexperienced.
21. go round the traps, to visit places where people gather and talk, as hotels, clubs, etc., in the hope of getting information.
[ME trappe, OE tręppe, c. MD trappe. Cf. ML trappa ]