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  Dictionary Definition of toy

1. an object, often a small imitation of some familiar thing, for children or others to play with, or otherwise derive amusement; a plaything.
2. a thing or matter of little or no value or importance; a trifle.
3. a small article of little real value, but prized for some reason; a knick-knack; a trinket.
4. something diminutive.
5. any of various breeds of dog bred or selected for their smallness; toy dog.
6. an object of amorous dalliance.
-- adjective
7. of or like a toy, especially in size.
8. ( often derogatory ) operated as an amusement or diversion: a toy farm.
9. made as a toy: a toy train.
-- verb (i)
10. to handle affectionately; play.
11. to act idly, absentmindedly, or without seriousness.
-- phrase
12. toy with, to trifle; deal with as unimportant.
[ME toye dalliance; origin uncert.]
-- toyer, noun -- toyless, adjective -- toylike, adjective