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  Dictionary Definition of tosses

verb, tossed or ( Poetic ) tost ; tossing, noun

-- verb (t)
1. to throw, pitch, or fling, especially to throw lightly or carelessly: to toss a piece of paper into the wastepaper basket.
2. to throw or send (a ball, etc.) from one to another, as in play.
3. to throw or pitch with irregular or careless motions; fling or jerk about: a ship tossed by the waves, a tree tosses its branches in the wind.
4. to agitate, disturb, or disquiet.
5. to throw, raise, or jerk upwards suddenly: she tossed her head disdainfully.
6. Also toss up, to throw (a coin, etc.) into the air in order to decide something by the side turned up when it falls.
7. to produce quickly and easily: he tossed off a few ideas.
8. (of an animal) to throw (someone or something) up into the air or to the ground.
9. Colloquial to outwit; defeat.
-- verb (i)
10. to pitch, rock, sway, or move irregularly, as a ship on a rough sea, or a flag or plumes in the breeze.
11. to fling or jerk oneself or move restlessly about, especially on a bed or couch: to toss in one's sleep.
12. to throw something.
13. Colloquial to go with a fling of the body: to toss out of a room.
-- noun
14. the act of tossing.
15. a pitching about or up and down.
16. a throw or pitch.
17. a tossing of a coin or the like to decide something; a toss-up.
18. a sudden fling or jerk of the body, especially a quick upward or backward movement of the head.
-- phrase
19. argue the toss, to go on arguing after a dispute has been settled.
20. take a toss, to fall from a horse.
21. toss it in, Colloquial to abandon an enterprise, project, job, etc.
22. toss off, a. to drink or eat very quickly: he tossed off a few drinks and then left. b. Colloquial (of a male) to ejaculate sperm; have an orgasm. c. Colloquial to masturbate.
23. toss up, to throw a coin or other object into the air in order to decide something by the way it falls.
[apparently from Scandinavian; cf. d. Swed. tossa spread, strew]
-- tosser, noun