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  Dictionary Definition of tory

noun ( plural Tories )

1. a member of a political party in Great Britain, in general favouring conservation of the existing order of things in State and Church, evolving into the Conservative Party in the early 19th century. Cf. Whig (def. 3).
2. a member of the British Conservative Party.
3. American History one who remained loyal to the British Crown during the War of American Independence; a loyalist.
4. (in the 17th century) one of a class of dispossessed Irish, nominally royalists, who became outlaws and were noted for their outrages and cruelties.
5. ( sometimes lower case ) a person with conservative, right-wing views.
-- adjective
6. of or belonging to or characteristic of the Tories.
7. of or relating to the British Conservative Party.
8. being a Tory.
9. ( sometimes lower case ) conservative; right-wing.
[Irish toraidhe pursuer]

tory noun 1. an American who favored the British side during the American Revolution 2. a member of political party in Great Britain that has been known as the Conservative Party since 1832; was the opposition party to the Whigs 3. a supporter of traditional political and social institutions against the forces of reform; a political conservative