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  Dictionary Definition of tools

1. an instrument, especially one held in the hand, for performing or facilitating mechanical operations, as a hammer, saw, file, etc.
2. any instrument of manual operation.
3. that part of a lathe, planer, drill, or similar machine, which performs the cutting or machining operation.
4. the machine itself; a machine tool.
5. anything used like a tool to do work or effect some result.
6. someone used by another for that person's own ends; a cat's paw.
7. the design or ornament impressed upon a book cover.
8. Colloquial the penis.
-- verb (t)
9. to work or shape with a tool.
10. to work decoratively with a hand tool; to ornament with a bookbinder's tool, as on book covers.
11. Colloquial to drive (a vehicle).
-- verb (i)
12. to work with a tool or tools.
13. Colloquial to drive or ride in a vehicle.
-- phrase
14. tool up, to equip, as a workshop for a particular job.
[ME: OE tol, c. Icel. tol, plural]
-- tooler, noun