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  Dictionary Definition of tins

noun, adjective, verb, tinned, tinning.

-- noun
1. a low-melting, metallic element nearly approaching silver in colour and lustre, used in making alloys and in plating. Symbol: Sn (for stannum ); relative atomic mass: 118.69; at. no.: 50; density: 7.31 at 20C.
2. tin plate.
3. any shallow metal pan, especially one used in baking.
4. a hermetically sealed container for food, especially one made of tin plate.
5. any container made of tin plate.
6. the contents of a tin.
7. Colloquial money.
-- adjective
8. made or consisting of tin or tin plate.
9. mean; worthless; counterfeit.
10. indicating the tenth event of a series, as a wedding anniversary.
-- verb (t)
11. to cover or coat with a thin deposit of tin.
12. to pack or preserve in tins, as foodstuffs.
[ME and OE, c. G Zinn ]
-- tinlike, adjective